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May 01, 2008



You're a stronger woman than I am. I've been a dismal failure at my resolution to not buy yarn. The ticker on my blog at this point is just a joke! And there is no way on earth that I'm putting all my yarn on Ravelry for everyone to see.


Heee. You're so sweet and funny!
I've fallen off the wagon a few times but always with 50-75% discounted yarns, sometimes even bigger discount (there was a garage sale last early summer, shhhhh) but the stash is nearly embarrassing except I'm clearly needing to work on that 'sweater's worth' amount better.... ah well.... not any time soon!
I won't tell you about sales... nope... not out of me :^)


i'll join you with that! but books and patterns are still fair game.


Yeah! good for you! that's progress, one wip at a time!
bummer about the cold... hope you are feeling better.


I'm planning on the folded cowl tee myself... with some stash yarn! But I'm making no such declarations on future purchases! ;)


I've got to take a re-look at that IK...Your sock looks terrific!


Good luck with the resolutions! I'm having difficulty sticking to mine, but then I work in a yarn shop on the weekends...

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