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May 26, 2008



I have one kid who probably has body parts made of M&Ms! I'm thinking my rear end was!


Thanks for taking up the tag so quickly - love the thought of you travelling the country in an old school bus :o)


I love that you're getting photos taken of your belly!
I'm with Sarah, re: traveling in the old school bus :^D

Miss Scarlett

Oh I love Jon & Kate Plus 8!
They make me laugh and they bring tears to my eyes each week.
Working in daycare I really appreciate the unique challenges they face going on excursions -- like the visit to the Crayola factory. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Kate is so real! Though a little more concerned about clothing than I relate to -- but then I'm not paying for 8 children's clothing!

I also LOVE Rome. I've watched the series twice. I was so disappointed when it was cancelled. The scripts, the acting, the sets, the costumes - it is an experience to watch that show.

Your fruit salad with sherbert sounds fantastic - and so refreshing. Mmmmm...


Mmm, fruit salad with sherbert... delicious!


I keep checking in to see if your little one has arrived. It is fun to read this memes from time to time, though, like you, I seem to usually avoid them.

It is almost lunch and now I have visions of fruit and sherbert dancing through my head. yum!

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