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June 12, 2008



What an amazing blessing! Enjoy your time with him!


What beautiful photographs.


Oh he is so beautiful!! Those are really great pics- treasures for sure!
please tell me the package got there?

Carrie K

Liam's so darling!



Thank you so much for taking the time to share these pictures with us Liam is just beautiful, perfect. I'm trying, but it's impossible, to choose a favorite.

I completely understand your labor experience. I once said I had a "peaceful labor" and someone commented that that is an oxymoron but it's not. I am glad you had a speedy, peaceful delivery.

Blessing to you and yours. Now go get that sleep.



Oh Charity, he is so beautiful! And what lovely photography, too. You look so happy as does his daddy.

Congratulations to the whole family. Welcome to the world, Liam!


I'm not at all surprised he is so robust, alert, and bright eyed!
Liam is so beautiful. Love all the photographs, every single one, how wonderful to have such a good friend with such photographic talents!
I'm glad to hear about your labour and delivery going to smoothly and so fast and yet at the same time you were able to feel at peace and... yes, enjoy it.
Here's to little cat-naps and sweet dreams :^)


Precious! What a blessing to have such a sweet baby.
How's Gwenyth adjusting?


Liam is adorable! I love the photographs, thank you for taking the time to show them to us.


Congratulations! Glad you are all doing well! Some beautiful photo's of a beautiful baby. Tell your kids they must have been very good to get a baby brother as nice as that!


Oh just looking at all those beautiful photos of him makes me clucky. It is nice when everything is short and sweet. Enjoy your naps too.


Wonderful pictures! Congratulations to you all.


So lovely for you to find the time to post these precious moments, best wishes, Jo


How adorable! Such sweet pictures too!


Oh, Charity - just beautiful.


oh my... he is just perfect and as I look at those pictures my own hands can feel that soft velvet skin, a deep breath returns that scent of newborn, my arms feel that warm weight and I sigh with the remembered pleasure of my own babies. Thank you. Enjoy your naps. I remember tired well too.

Miss Scarlett

Oh Charity! He is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.

As for those baby rules - sometimes they are meant to be broken. :-)
How wonderful that everything has gone, and is going, so well.

Marie D

Congratulations to your whole family. He is precious.

angie Cox

WElcome to the World Liam , I hope your life will be full of happiness ( I know it will be full of love) . I can't resist baby toes and fingers so kisses from the U.K for those digits and a big one on the cheek :)


Congratulations! He is so adorable and perfect. I love those pictures. You all look so peaceful.


The pictures are all so beautiful. Congratulations on your new son and blessing!


Wow, these photos are truly wonderful


Thank you so much for sharing these great pictures! I love the shot of the little feet -- got a thing for baby feet. He's so gorgeous!! :)


He's beautiful! Enjoy every moment.


Oh, he's just gorgeous!! Congratulations to your family.

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