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November 02, 2008



That is so cool!

Ouchie about your little one's hurt lip. Poor guy!


does the lotion count?
I'll send a bar of Fels Naptha for you to compair


Gosh, I haven't seen Fels Naptha in forever... must try and locate some! This is just the sort of thing I would do. I DO use vinegar in my rinse water cycle (it cuts remaining soaps) and I use a couple of tennis balls in my dryer, doesn't seem to hurt the clothes at all and works to soften.
I'm going to try this! Thank you!


I really should try to make some!


I have not but I do use green detergent that is environmentally safe and does a great job on our clothes.


wonderful! thank you for sharing the "recipe" :)


How do these home made recipes work with cold water and HE machines?
I have never used hot or even warm water to wash my clothes and have never had a problem with them, i also have never used bleach in my household.
I found them to be harmful to my hydro bill and the bleach to wear out my clothing faster and do nothing but make them yellow and dingy. Now if homemade detergent will work with cold water and HE machine I will gladdly start making my own!!

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