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December 19, 2008



Its love all the time here too! I love the way the LED lights light up the entire room and how crazy excited the boy is right now...


Isn't it funny about dogs? Mine are the same, even the cats. Everything I pick up is covered in animal fur.

Account Deleted

Happy holidays to you! What wonderful pictures of your happy family.


Oh, I love Meatloaf, too! My dog thinks any blanket is his as well, dives me crazy sometimes. Great pictures of your family.


Charity! You have no idea how you just saved me. I just found one fingerless mitt I made *last year* and cast on for the second as a last minute X Mas gift. Well I couldn't remember how I did the thumb gusset but I had the vague memory it was different than usual. I had used the method from Dashing! That was it! Yay! Thank you so much :-)

"Ain't no doubt about it we were doubly blessed..." (Well with a pair of mitts not the rest of the song ;-) )


Merry Christmas Charity!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns

I love seeing the things you love and loving them too! And I'm frantically finishing a pair of socks for my DH and yes, knitting them right in front of him, and he doesn't notice. And once I did try a pair on him, right before Christmas, to make sure they fitted, and he didn't even realise they were for him - when I asked on Christmas Day, he said 'oh, I thought you were trying your own socks on me, because it was easier!' (!!!)

Blessings of the Solstice, Midwinter, and the holiday season to you and yours.


It's so nice to read how excited you are about Christmas; it certainly picks me up every time I read :)


Lovely family! And I love Meatloaf. Jim Steinman wrote brilliant lyrics.


I always look forward to your holiday posts (even though I'm terribly late in getting here). Congrats to Brian, handsome lad in his uniform indeed! Love how Kate multi-tasks :^) and Gwenyth, how funny, Gracie does the same thing! The wrap is going to be a Beauty, and I just had to giggle, my mom has gotten her knitting needles out these past few months and what does she knit? washcloths. it's all about the washcloth, eh? :^)
Give Judah some good lovin' for me, yes?
Blessings of Christmas and Solstice to you, Sweetheart.

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