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December 16, 2008



You have the right idea about what all to do! I love it all! Those marshmellows look so great.
PS. I do hope I get that book "Free-Range Knitter" for Christmas as it was on my list:)She cracks me up that Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee.


Sounds like a great plan- I'd join you, if I could get out of work :-S


Lovely! I still have two more days of work but I'll be doing something similar after that. :)


the marshmallows look great and the boys are so cute it hurts! can you have your groceries delivered too?


Sweet. I love seeing laughing snuggling children :^) and I always love seeing your tree.


Looks like a perfect day :)


Sounds like a lovely day. Have you picked out a pattern yet?


Perfect day planned Charity
Love, love, love the pic of your two boys on the couch.
Have you seen this book Charity??? Knitting by Anne Bartlett.
I'm not a knitter but a friend loaned it to me and I loved it.

angie Cox

Beautiful pictures Charity , God bless.


Nice pics...I've got the makings for some marshmallows too! I may just have to give it a try. Keep warm!

Carrie K

All fabulous suggestions. Those peppermint marshmallows look almost as good as the yarn.

So, down but not out? Defeated but not conquered? Knitting again? :)

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