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December 10, 2008



Oh, I hate days like that. It does get better, the next time you pick up the needles, it will be a nice, relaxing experience.


I know how frustrating it can be!


I hate when that happend!
time to switch to the spinning for a bit


Oh what horrible yarn to break so many times. At least you know not to use it again. Lesson learned I say, and we have all knitted and then realised rows later that we made a mistake. At least we can rip it back and fix it cant we.


I hate it when the yarn breaks! I'm knitting a lace shawl for my MIL and had the yarn broken twice. I couldn't believe it.

angie Cox

Oh that is a shame. I loved looking after the toddlers at Meeting and would have appreciated that you even tried so don't feel bad .


Oh bad luck - let's hope that's your share of knitting naughties out of the way for a long time!


I'm so sorry for you! I had that happen once with that same yarn and pattern. (But the washcloths do make nice gifts!)

I hope you were easily able to find something suitable and less frustrating to give!


Let's hope it's the last is right - movie without knitting is just wrong!


Oh sweetheart, I know how you feel. I've unravelled almost everything in the last 2 weeks. Must be that time of year again...! :)


Oh No...I'm just beginning with my knitting journey, but I already understand the frustration, lol :)

Judy G.

You have a way higher threshold of Keeping Going. I would have given up after the first break.

Serendipity is one of my fave movies. Anything with John Cusack is one of my fave movies. (Must Love Dogs and High Fidelity are both high on the list.)

Off to frog a whole sweater. Stay warm!

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