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January 27, 2009



Love the socks! I must try that recipe, I love chocolate and peanut butter. :)

Carrie K

Socks, soup and snow. It sounds delightful.


Thanks for the porridge link. It looks delicious.


Pretty socks!

We've had some really nice winter weather lately, temps around -5C and lots of snow. I love it!


you definately need at least 2 weeks worth of socks for yourself. I'm working on that too!
now, off to try the porridge recipe!


Nice socks! There is nothing nicer than handknitted socks.I am promising myself I will finish some stuff before starting anything else. Maybe socks in february


Hope your toes are nice and snug


It's like the Winter is just piling up, huh. I know these socks are going to make for some warm feet!
Still kicking myself for not having a pair on the needles yet:)
It's a happy day when you got something warm and homemade in the belly! Also, something that the kiddos love.


Gorgeous socks Charity, funny though that I cannot even comprehend what snow and cold must feel like at the moment, it's currently 112 degrees F as I write this - and they don't think the temperature has peaked for the day!!
Yum to your breakfast!

Wanda J

Umm, umm. This time of the year porridge (oatmeal for us Yankies)is a mainstay for breakfast. Must try adding a bit of chocolate and PB to the mix.


I'm knitting plain socks too - very soothing. Yours are lovely.


Well the socks are lovely but I'm reserving judgement on the porridge, hmmm.


Lovely socks. I'm ready for warmer weather now so I can knit some nice summer stuff!


Charity, what's your email address? I wanted to reply to your comment about the Vogue magazine.
Email me at denise@deniseschulz.com if you can.


Yeah - I hear ya on the Canadian weather thing!

The socks look great. Congrats on finishing your first project of 2009!

The porridge looks kind of gross...but sounds absolutely delicious!


Great socks! I also agree, two weeks worth of socks would be better than great. I also like the plain vanilla, always the ones I reach for in the morning.
Hmmm, I'm sure the oatmeal is fabulous, what's not to like? oats, chocolate, and peanut butter? sounds like a winner to me. :^)

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