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January 13, 2009


Carrie K

What a difference it makes, looking at it from that angle.

I love that cup. Starbucks? oooh. I'll have to sneak in.


I just panicked a little when you said, "...or walk away from the chocolate..." I say walk towards it just get really, really good chocolate and hide it from everyone else ;-)


It's all a matter of perspective. What if things are an opportunity instead of an obligation? We can choose to view them as we wish.


Oh yes making socks for yourself is definitely important care-taking. I'm glad that you are finding ways to be kinder to yourself this year and here's a virtual hug from me to go with it :o)


Your Vanilla socks are gorgeous....It is always nice to take care of ourselves.


Your Vanilla socks are gorgeous....It is always nice to take care of ourselves.


Sweeeet. So glad you were able to treat yourself to that gorgeous little cup! I agree with you too.
Starting when I was a wee lass, my father would ask me about my plans for any given day... I would tell him, well I need/have to do.... and he would stop me and say, "No, you GET to do...." Big difference, eh? One wise Dude.
Love your sock!

Ellen Bloom

Good for you! I must take a cue from you and start treating myself well too!

I went NUTS when I saw those cable-knit cups at Starbucks in November. I travelled to shops 20 miles away from home just to get enough to give to all my knit-friends for the holidays! Eventually, the cups came to my local shop too. I just LOVE them!


LOVE the cup!


Love that cup! (And the socks are great, too!)

Account Deleted

Such a cute mug! I like the idea of taking care of oneself, especially in the small things.


Love that cup!
And your socks are great.


Sounds like a very good attitude to take and I love that cup, love, love that cup.

Judy G.

And it's off to Starbucks I go...I think I will try your approach. After all, if the mama isn't happy, no-one's happy.

I like your sock. What yarn is it?


that's a good question... and I don't think I'm too high on the list right now ;( too crazy with dogs and cats and sick kids...

the sock looks great. vanilla socks are comfort food for the feet


There's an award waiting for you over at Cornflower, Charity!

Katie at Making This Home

I second-guess about things like that all the time, too. Maybe all women do! Anyway, I love those socks. Great alternative!


Most of us have been taught to be selfless caregivers putting others always first. Balance, attitude and perspective. Seems like you're making good progress on all fronts. :-) I love it that you're knitting for yourself.


Hey, Starbucks is catering to us knitters now:) That is the cutest cup. Absolutely treat yourself to it! I had to look really close. At first I thought you knitted a beautiful cozy for your coffee mug! You know I am loving your sock!


I need one of those mugs! I take care of myself by going to the gym everyday but Sunday. I love it, it's a place where I am focused on me. Just me. One hour a day, and it makes the biggest difference. You will find that even if you just get out for a walk by yourself, it really helps.


Love the mug! Hmmm...what am I doing for myself? (I'm pretty good to me over all!) I would say taking more time on a Saturday morning each week to just sit and knit even if it's only for an hour. Taking the rush out of the a.m. - which exists 6 other mornings is a real treat!

Anne Margaret

I had to laugh at this post - I did the same thing! Why do we beat ourselves up over $10 and then about the missed opportunity. I'm pretty sure men don't do this! Unfortunately, my cup has not reappeared yet at any Starbuck's I've seen, but I keep peering in, hoping it will show, hoping I will recognize it from this fall.

Love the socks. SO warm and cozy. Whenver I feel chilled around here, I love looking at your posts and realizing how lucky we are here in Virginia.

Internet speed is slow now at home, so I don't post and respond as much as I'd like, but I'm still here! Thanks for sharing these gret glimpses into your life.


I love that Starbucks mug! Probably because it looks like knitting:). I should go get one for myself too!

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