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January 10, 2009


Judy G.

Everything we do, every project we undertake, whether it is knitting or growing a new person, helps us to deal with our imperfections. Every small success we have helps us to realize that while a lot of it is destined to remain unrealized, we are positively brimming with potential. How sad it would be to have nothing to strive for! I have danced around this for years; thanks for putting it so succinctly.


Wow, Charity, you have certainly given me a lot to think about. I have never come across the one little word project before and I am now at the point you were at three years ago...very intrigued. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I look forward to you sharing your insights on how this project manifests itself through the year.


Happy New Year to you and your family! I saw all the snow you guys got, wow!


What a wonderful word.

I know exactly what you mean about 'false perfection'. That rang really true.

I actually went into counselling for perfectionism when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I didn't want to be that kind of mother, the kind I worried I might be. It was fascinating.


Fabulous word Charity, and perfectly imperfect for 2009!


Charity, Dearheart, you tickle me. and no, I'm not making fun of you at all. I wouldn't do that, ever.
Imperfect? sure, that's the Beauty. But then, once you get to the authentic person inside? You are perfectly yourself. :^)

Barbara M.

My sister and I have a running joke about our family.... full of issues, like most families, with the standard divorces, alchoholism, and problems. We no longer call our family dysfunctional.... we refer to it as "charmingly flawed." We recognize (now that we are adults, with families of our own) that we are who we are thanks to those flaws. And honestly, we are both pretty nice people. No more blaming the previous generation... they tried hard and did the best they could.

And we are all imperfect, but very interesti!


I am proud of you! I think to many times I am the same if my knitting is not perfect it must be ripped back and made so..... Unless by some blessing I have already cast off and then discover it. Some one once said to me that the only thing perfect in life is god, and there is no way anything else should be perfect.
SO when I do make a mistake I think good Now I know I am not god ( to much responsibility) and try to move on with life.
I think that you are perfect how you are and Your "imperfections" Make you, you and I really like you!


Great word Charity - definitely one to embrace for us all as there is so much focus on 'perfect' out there!


We all strive perfection but, the truth is the faults are what make us human and are the reason other humans like us! Have a wonderful new year perfect or otherwise.


Wonderful, thought provoking post. I think your choice of word is excellent and brave too, well done you.


now we can totally hang out, 'cause I'm not perfect either!
and guess what? I loves ya anyway!


It's good to come to terms with the inability to be perfect. There is a freedom in acknowledging this. I take great comfort in knowing that "He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it" (rough paraphrase of Phil 1:6)
Beth Moore is a dynamic teacher, the study looks good!


This is huge! Thank you for writing this post and sharing it with us. I think women everywhere (especially me) would feel a sense of relief just by trying to embrace imperfection.



Do you mind if I link to this from my blog. I think this is the perfect thing to keep in mind right abt now.


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