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February 11, 2009



What a great idea! I need to check that book out ;)


That is a clever idea! Also you can make an after one to see how far you have come, with your healthy eating.


that looks great! good job.
I'm afraid I'd use too many rolls of duct tape and would be horrified with the result ;)


That's so cool that you made one, I have had duct tape on my shopping list for a while but haven't got around to doing this yet. It must be sort of strange to face your own torso!


What fun - I've always wanted to do one of those! Great motivator... my kids would be right into that too.


YAY! Wasn't that Fun?!?!? My fave lys had an evening of doing these, last Summer, manOman, those things get steamy during the process!
Congrats on the awards, happy basking :^)

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns

This sounds like a really good idea, Charity! I've longed for a dress form ever since I first saw Lene's constant use of hers (and the wonderful results it gave) but now that I'm facing frogging yet another vest because it's too large, I think the time has come to try Duct Tape Avenue!


I really must make one of those - I'll remember the plenty of duct tape tip! Love your challenge gloves from the previous post - hope they're going well? Congrats on your awards too

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