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February 18, 2009



It's lovely! That's a great dressform. :)


That is beautiful! I love the fit & the color- tempts me to make one for myself :-)


That is really cute! I really like that pattern.And the dress form is really clever.


Very pretty, but will we see it on you at some point? ;-)


It looks great and I love that you can use the dress form now too for pics.


the dressform is great!!! and the vest looks totally awesome. I love the color too and the shaping... oohh so cute!


really really really lovely Charity - gorgeous colour and truly beautifully made.


Very nice! I like that color. It's funny cuz as soon as I took one look I knew it was Briggs & Little! We had a baby shower tonight for one of our Knit Nite girls. That baby is going to be one well dress little tyke! Anyways, several of the items were bought from where I work, so I name the yarn and colorway instantly. :)


What a Beauty! Colour, fit, beautifully knit, simply gorgeous!
Your dress form is much nicer than mine, yours is much 'neater' (as opposed to 'slap dash' :^)


That is absolutely beautiful! I think I'll knit something similar when I get rid of this big old belly. ;)


That looks wonderful! I love Briggs & Little yarn.

Carrie K

The vest and the form both look great! That must have been fun, all that duct taping. :)

I get most of my books from the library myself. They have a pretty good selection and what the local library doesn't have, the county wide system or even intra-library loan is pretty good. Otherwise I'm sure I'd be destitute but have both a fabulous library and stash. ;)


Yay! That looks fabulous - such a gorgeous colour and I bet it will be a really useful addition to your wardrobe


Oh it's gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. I love the colour, the shape, the neckline, everything and you've done it so quickly too.


Stunning Charity! I was just pointing this project out to a friend after you told us you were making it. Let's hope Stuart might be able to get a little shot of you eventually! Have a great weekend.


It's beautiful, Charity!

p.s. you've received an award; check out my blog for details :-)

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