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February 03, 2009



Oh yes the planning is fun fun fun :o)

Good luck with the vest


I have been drinking more water. I don't keep pop in the house any more (big diet Coke fan here). I may have one small bottle or can of diet Coke a week now compared to every day drinking it. One of my co-workers drank a 2L diet Coke every evening, and she hasn't touched it in probably three weeks now. Another co-worker hasn't drank pop in over a week. Lately for me it's water, orange juice, or milk.


That photo of Liam just makes me smile!

I drink a lot of water, and really feel it when I slack off. I'm really bad at work, and sometimes go hours without anything to drink. I think a lot of the time when your brain is saying "hungry" it really means "thirsty".


I must admit I hardly ever drink water in the winter. I never have pop in the house. The kids drink milk or water but Instant coffee with milk is my poison which I drink by the bucket load.


I usually drink a LOT of water; problem is, I like the carbonated, flavored water and it has artificial sweetener in it. I really should try to do more regular water.

What a sweet little face to find looking at you!


Oh what a sweet little face to be greeted by. I like planning my knits too but dont always end up knitting the ones in the queue. I think I end up just knitting what catches my fancy in a book I am looking through at the moment. I really should drink more water too as I always feel dehydrated. More so lately with this horrible heat.


I drink a lot of water. I used to drink about a gallon a day (no joke) but now I always have a big glass next to me. In fact water is the only thing I drink besides a cup of coffee (decaf when I am preggers) in the morning. I believe it is one of the best things you can do for your body.

Carrie K

Liam's got his eye on you......

I don't drink enough. Funny you ask, we just had water delivered to our office and the guy was installing it as I typed. I do feel better when I'm hydrated.


Aw Liam is so, so cute ; what a lovely smile he has too :)
I normally drink a lot of water as our water up here is lovely BUT over the last few weeks they are re-doing all the water pipes in our village and the water is often brown now :( Can't wait for them to finish digging all the roads up . In the meantime its bottled water and it just doesn't taste the same :(


Planning is always the fun part!

I drink a lot of water. I was already doing it before I got pregnant and have been trying to drink even more now! I hardly ever drink anything but water.

Liam is the cutest little thing!


Oooo, that is a very cute vest pattern! Vests are fun to knit.

Wanda J

Somebaby's watching you. Ahhh. Is he in that Mommy stage when you're the center of his universe?

It is harder to drink water in the winter. I tend to drink lots of hot tea (dark and green).


That sure is a pretty blue you're knitting your vest with!
Sweet, love the photo of Liam watching you ;^)
Oh yes, lots and lots of water here, although I may start off with my coffee in the morning, from there out it's water until my cuppa tea in the afternoon then more water. I dry out quickly, skin and everything else if I don't. and yes, I do feel better when hydrated, and really, nothing does it better.

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