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February 10, 2009


Judy G.

Gloves- you are ambitious. Here I have just discovered socks...

You might want to check out my blog- I have nominated you for a blog award. http://judithgay.wordpress.com I enjoy reading your blog greatly- it's one of the first I go to every day! congratulations!


Yummy - I've had my eye on those gloves too! I love Jared Flood's work.


Beautiful gloves! (that Jared is really amazing!)
I know what you mean, focusing on something new and challenging and then dreaming about it all night :^)
One of my challenges for the next few months will be coming up with some kind of lace pattern for a stole, for Havala to wear on her wedding day, some kind of pattern that will be complementary with the lace on her dress, sound like enough of a challenge? ;^)


Love the gloves!Niee work Charity. What am I doing to challenge myself - sewing up the Central Park Hoodie, considering two color mitten knitting and turning 50 gracefully!


love the gloves~ I bet they will look awesome in that yarn.

Wanda J

Those gloves look just the ticket for winter coats - enough bright spots to bring a bit of winter cheer.

Challenges. I used to love physical challenges and a part of me has withered a little since I've not managed to carve time for new physical challenges. Not quite sure how to remedy that one.

Carol Ann

Do you sell Pingouin Benares yarn??

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