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February 24, 2009



Nice new toys and that glove looks great


Those gloves are gorgeous - love the tweed!


Ooh! Gorgeous gloves.


I ask myself the same questions... 98% of the time :^)
Nice new goodies though and ones you'll use time and again.
Lovely glove there and it's nice that you'll have them to see you through to Spring plus they'll wait patiently for next Fall :^)


LOL...ok, this is going to sound stupid, but here goes. I quickly glanced at the gloves before I went on to finish the post and I thought, 'Why did she make lacy winter gloves? Those things won't keep anyone's hands warm." Then I looked again. What I thought were little lacey "holes" (in the fingers) was flecks of yellow/gold colour. I thought for a moment it was skin peeking through. Ok, now I feel stupid, lol. Working on too many lesson plans I think - starting to go crazy, lol.

The gloves look great, btw.


I've never had a tea latte but that sounds good! I have a mini milk frother so I'll have to give it a go. Thanks for the tip!

Pretty, pretty gloves! I thought it was starting to get warmer here (this morning only -1 degrees C), but it'll go down to -10 again tomorrow. I am so ready for the spring already!


Very nice gloves! the yarn is just gorgeous!You have been tagged!


Oooh I wish it got cold enough here to need gloves - they're lovely Charity. Think I might need one of those frothers though.


Your gloves are beautiful.


I need to ask myself those questions more often!

Your gloves are great!

angie Cox

I love those gloves . I too like Debbie Bliss but at the moment I really like Louisa Harding. I got some of her nautical cotton in a sale last week . I am not sure what to make but I can't resist reduced yarns. Knittingfever ( U.S) is a great site to look at new books and yarns.

Anne Margaret

I am heading up there to share that tea latte with you! What a tret just to see the photo - thanks for sharing.


Love the gloves! I have never heard of a tea latte, it sounds awesome. I'll have to give it a try sometime.


the gloves look great!
milk frother? really? hhhmm and must try this London fog drink...

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