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February 17, 2009



I love to read too... my fav are historical romance (sshh don't tell) and have been getting tons of books from the library. I go online and reserve them, then just pick up when they come in. That way I get the benifits of ALL the local libraries. Its pretty nice.

Definately doing the Feburary Lady sweater.. um, soon?


add me to the list of those who intend to knit a February Lady Sweater...someday.


I totally agree!
It's so peacefully to walk among books in a quiet library :)


I'm excited to see your knitting and thanks for the book tips - I love a good murder mystery too


I loves me a good mystery too although I do lean towards the forensics. YES, the library, it's rare they don't have what I'm looking for and I do the online thing also but oh how I love to just wander the stacks at a leisurely pace.
Sweet weekend you all had!


I love Laurie King - especially her Mary Russell series. I really must get back to the library to see if they have any I haven't read - I owned them all up until 3 years ago, but don't really have room to keep accumulating!

angie Cox

That rose is so beautiful , that is an idea I shall pass on to my M.O.T.H !


Hi - Hope you are well. I'm going to make a list of those books. I have the paperback version of Death by Cashmere on order but in the meanwhile, I've started several books but can't quite get drawn into any of them.

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