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March 20, 2009



1. Liam looks like such a big boy! STOP!
2. that's a riot. knit much? ya think? I'll have to ask the mayor and see what kind of answers I get


This is soooooo cute!!
You're right - very enlightening!


How FUNny! Love the answers... they've got you down, especially Gwenyth! (knit knit knit) :^)


This is just too precious! LOL! My favorite reply is G's to the question about what you were like when you were a child..."you put clothes on!" Ha! Too funny.

I've gotta interview Jorn, I am so curious to see what he'll say. Thanks for sharing. Hey-"friend" me on FB, Abi Gregorio...


Too funny - I especially love the answer from Gwenyth on your age :o)

Carrie K

That is adorable! Katie's got you pegged.

angie Cox

This all reminds me of Jeff coming home and asking Holly ( about two) what Mum did today .The answer was " Mama knit , mama sew" . Bless their hearts children do say the sweetest things.

Wanda J

What a riot! That's one you'll have to save in your keepsakes.


So do you get to knit much then!!!
Love the answers - kids say the funniest things don't they!
Gorgeous pic - the little man is growing up.
Love the new 'do' too Charity - very nice.


This is great. Your kids obviously know you well; I see lots of knitting and loving in those answers :-)

Great picture of Liam; how did he get so big?

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