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March 17, 2009



I used to get the same way until Jake came along... now I just shrug my shoulders and go with it (and eat a piece of chocolate too)

the leprechauns left some green foil chocolate coins in Jake's Irish cap AND played a trick on us later by turning out milk green for dinner!

Carrie K

No, not a single overdressed little green man in sight. Maybe next year. But now cool! Footprints AND a jug of green milk! The leprachauns must really like you.

I go for the flap first myself, but kudos for you for taking a breath and re-evaluating!

Top o' the evenin' to you!


Well done you - sometimes making a new list is the only way but it does take a step back to see it and that step can be a challenge.

Love your visiting leprechaun!


Love the little green footprints, heh.
ahhh... well laid plans gone asunder... it STILL happens :^) and when there are that many folks... it's easier to go with the flow sometimes.
I'm glad you took that deep breath :^)

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