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March 03, 2009



I don't have any special rituals. Right now I just need to make sure I get my school work done. I've barely done any knitting since the beginning of the year, but I do have some things I need to make...3 things by the beginning of April. I'll have to see if 2 of them will wait (we're doing a little 'gift exchange' since we couldn't do it at Christmas) and maybe put them off another month or so...and the other one HAS to be finished and mailed off by April 2nd. That's something I need to work on. I should go and do some of that but I'm getting tired. I'm on March Break for university, but not really getting much of a break...

P.S. your sweater in the previous post is gorgeous, and looks great on you!


I am the same exact way. I NEED some time to myself everyday or I am not fit to be around people. My time is early morning. I make myself a cup of coffee and surf the internet. Everyone is sleeping, I get to read email, read my blogs and just enjoy the me time. I don't like sharing my early morning hours, they're mine.


I can totally agree with that quiet time. I sometimes sneak in a little nap during the day if Paul is home from work. It depends though on whether Isabelle comes in to join me as to whether I get any quiet though. She is a little chatterbox most of the time. The clapotis looks great and I am sure with your daily quiet time you will finish it very soon.


Oh Mercy, yes, Charity. I know this particular 'song'. Very well.
The hypersensitivity to sound (jiggling,bumping,chattering,etc) and activity, the overload.
I'm glad to hear you've found your time for quiet. It is essential, eh?


Good for you for recognizing what you need! Both my kids are in school now, but I still find that with this home business, I almost never sit down and relax, and consequently I've been knitting very little. The last couple of weeks of illness forced me onto the couch and I finished several projects. It felt SO good to just sit and knit - I've resolved to try harder to make time for that.


I put quite time in to effect about a month ago as I was feeling the same. My boys love it and so do I we do and hour every day regardless of if they are at preschool or not. I need my space and they need their's. I find it so funny that at the end of quite time they are so exited to tell me how they spent thier time.
An hour of no fighting and just a gentle clack of my needles, or what have you.
I think time to ourselves is so wonderful. And everyone benifits.


right now I try to grab the time while the boy is at school. but the puppies are wreaking havoc with my routine. they DO NOT understand mommy needs her quite time ;)


I need my me time too. Thank you for the reminder that I should take myself out of the situation if it really is me that is that problem. I really liked this post!

Judy G.

I don't have a ritual, but I realized when Andy graduated from high school that the days he works evenings he's in my space all day. He may be sleeping, but he's still in my space. I got used to having the house to myself all day, and I like it. I am comfortable with just me (and I rarely turn on the television). Barking dogs are my usual accompaniment.


I've been trying to decide what to knit next for a week and THANK-YOU Charity for sending it home to me...Clapotis it shall be! I don't really have a ritual either (though I only have one child and he's almost 18 now!) but for a long time I always made time to at least get out with the girls on Friday after work for a bit. It broke up the routine and was a good end to the week. Remember your blue pedicure? That's always a me,me,me deal too!

Wanda J

You found a great, workable solution for recharging your batteries. If it hadn't been the for enforced daily nap time I would have been a crazy mommy during those early years. As a person who is energized by being alone I need solitude from people and noise.

Neither of my kids complained about having quiet time, and usually they managed to fall asleep.

In some ways it is harder now for me to carve out a regular routine for quiet time with both of us working at home.

I'd never heard of tea latte - sounds divine!

angie Cox

Even with only one child I was nearly out of my mind at times. I'd think "well at least at work I had breaktimes" . That is when I started my two hour nap on a Saturday so Jeff was left with Holly .Then I insisted on the 15 minutes after dinner and I'd lay on the bed and listen to "The Archers" a famous British soap on the radio from back in the 1950s I think. I found just those 15 minutes helped a lot.


Lovely post. I am very much in need of my "me time", if I don't get it I find that late afternoon/dinner period very difficult to cope with. There is absolutely nothing wrong in taking a little "me time", it preserves are sanity.


I so wish that Niilo would nap or even play quietly in his bed... nope. So no quiet afternoon time for me, but I've learned that I need time for myself. The good thing is that after giving up his nap, he goes to bed earlier and sleeps longer! So no more getting up at 6 am which I am thrilled about!


How wonderful that you were able to discover that it is okay to ask for the time you need; I'm sure it really does make for a happier family all around.

Love the picture of your bundle of joy :-)

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