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April 21, 2009


Wanda J

What a sweet face that boy has! The way the whole face, and body, lights up when a baby "finds" you is something to be locked into forever memory.

Heehee, Feeling Groovy! That's a song for a light step and happy heart.


This is so sweet. I am at the tail end of those 'found' days. They are long in the midst, but disappear in a blink. Thanks for linking up and for sharing this sweet moment with us!


he looks so different in this picture... such a sweetie. I miss those days ;(


Not surprising, Wanda took every word out of my mouth.
Sweet Liam, I love the visual of him 'finding' you and bobbing along with the tune :^)


You have an absolutely beautiful baby....and I love that you know how precious these years are and how quickly they will pass. Enjoy.


What a doll!

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