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April 07, 2009


angie Cox

I am very thankful that England does not have severe weather or earthquakes. On a smaller scale I am grateful that Holly ( who is anxious) finds great peace in cooking. Most of all I am thankful this week for the sacrifice a father made and a son too. I think I shall keep a book like yours Charity.


I am thankful for a great family both immediate and in-law. And for inspiration from folks like you Charity. You make me think a little harder!


I'm thankful for sunshine and daffodils today! And I'll bet that handsome boy of yours is thankful for his perfect jacket!


He does look so sweet in his jacket. I think everyone has those days where you feel a little non-thankful so to say, I know I do when the kids are fighting and things dont go right. I am very thankful to have 2 healthy kids and a partner who works a very good job to give us what we need.


always making me think even when I don't want to. ;(
I'm extremely grateful for cough medicine right now... and now that I'm thinking, I'm grateful for the insane puppies who demolish my house but love me unconditionally and greet me heartily no matter how long I have been out of the room :)
and for my blessed little boy who is the most loving, affecionate and sweet kid in the whole world
and for DH who supports us in all the crazy goings ons...


Right at this moment I am really thankful for Nienie's blog. You have to read her post today which happens to be about thanks and peace.


I don't know if you are familiar with her blog but it is incredible. She survived a plane crash about a year ago along with her husband. Incredible. So touching and her posts always bring me to a place of grounding.


I am thankful for my beautiful grandchildren. And that the snow in Iowa is almost melted (again!).


I'm always grateful for the wonderful and inspiring people in my life.


I'm grateful for the wonderful inspiration of blogs. Thank you for this post Charity.

I'd never made the connection between gratitude and creative energy but I can see it now you've highlighted it - Sunday evening after I wrote about my wonderful weekend I was feeling so full of happiness and gratitude for the blessings in my life and I had the energy to jump up and make another batch of biscuits.

Lovely photo


I am thankful that I know I will alway's have enough! Enough food,yarn,love and friends.
I Am thankful for the health that I currently have and the wisdom that Life has given me. I am thankful that my children and husband love me for who I am and what I bring into their lives. I am thankful that seasons come and go reminding me that everything changes and that I need to learn to be so flexible because no matter how much you look forward to something after awhile you are ready for a change. Even summer can get tiring!
Thanks for making me think Thankfulness


Today the sun is shining and that is all it takes to make me feel grateful. Though Liams chubby fingers are very cute!


I'm betting you could hear me giggling with glee,eh?
Well written, Charity. I tend to be a bit grumpy natured but still, mixed with good nature... thankful for simply walking this earth and making good times, enjoying what's here in the present and finding the balance that suits my nature and yet challenging myself (get out of my cave a bit more :^)(everyone around me gets a better 'me' in the end which is a good thing, right? hee)


.... I also meant to write... I love Liam's little feet, his wee toes and how the big ones are both bent down :^)

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