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May 05, 2009


Carrie K

I get the same satisfaction from cleaning. It's why I have to let it all fall into a mess somewhat before I pick up. Yeah, that's why.....

Gorgeous hat model. She's inherited your "hat face" that's for sure!


That's funny! I did the same thing in my bedroom yesterday! A few minutes restoring order here and there and pretty soon one has a tidy home again.


Looks great! You've inspired me to do the same thing.


I'm hoping to get some done today (while the boys are out) and tomorrow-but if it dries up, I'll be mowing instead


Yes, every Spring and then again in the Fall, indoors and out and I love how it all feels :^).


I am downsizing my working hours in two weeks and I am so excited because it will mean a clean house for the first time in months.

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