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June 10, 2009



Gorgeous photos!


Great photos. I'm so glad you shared!

Carrie K

Wow, those views are just so gorgeous. And you did get to parasail? I'd be scared to death but the view must be exhilarating.


Wheeee, I want to hear more about the parasailing experience! I'd do that ;^)
Those were some really great things you did. We have a lavender farm a bit outside town, it smells SO good. It never occurred to me there'd be lavender farms in Hawaii. learn something new everyday :^)
What a beautiful sunset, that would probably be my favourite, I love any chance to see dolphins in the wild.


Oh how much fun does all of that sound? I know that feeling of being overwhelmed sorting through photos and I love how you picked out special shots for these special moments here.


Oh man, that makes me want to go back. It looks like you had a wonderful trip.


what beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing.

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