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June 08, 2009



Happy birthday!


happy happy birthday to Brian, so cool looking all dressed up.
and holy frijoles, Liam is 1? really? how did that happen?


Happy birthday to your boys! Sounds like they both had great days! Hard to believe Liam is 1 already!


Happy Birthday Brian and Liam!
Brian, you're getting so tall and you look fabulous and quite dashing in your Hawaiian shirt, very cool shark jaw!
Liam.. look at you, one year old, eating pizza and cupcakes! You may not realize it but little dude, you've come a loooong ways this year! (your mum knows all about it :^)
For you Charity, I hope life feels like it slows down, just a bit,for the Summer at least, so you can enjoy Liam's still very very young tender age at a slower pace.

angie Cox

What a very beautiful cake ! A very happy belated birthday boys , angie xxx


Awwww happy birthdays to the handsome boys - looks like great fun was had


Happy Birthday to the boys and WELCOME HOME!!


Happy birthday to your boys! How did that baby get to be 1??

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