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June 18, 2009



wow, that's some list!
I told Noolie, I'm not good at goal setting. I suffer from some serious OLS "Oh LOOK, Shiney!" and my attention span it that of a flea at times ;)


That is quite the list but I think you can do it!

That's a lovely collection of rocks Gwenyth has collected! Samm collected rocks as a kid too; we had shoeboxes filled with rocks!


We collect rocks in our house! We keep them on the kitchen counter and they remind us of wonderful vacations taken. You've got some goals there girl but I think you can do it!


Yep, pretty good sized list you have there, can you do it? Charity, I believe there is very little you couldn't do once you set your mind to it, so yes, I DO believe you can do it ;^)
I have to make lists (but I've always liked lists), addled brain demands them.
Gwenyth, those rocks are outstanding, and beautiful, and I can see why they'd be special, sacred. I've collected rocks since I was a child, I STILL have boxes of them :^) plus all the ones around the house.

Carrie K

Of course you can do it.

I love lists but I'm more enamoured of writing them than finding them when I need them or following them.


My son and I are the collectors in our house. It's fun to collect things from nature. What a lovely collection of rocks she has!


Of course you can - especially if you make a special collection to help you!

angie Cox

You old fraggle you ( hope you get that !!!). My Mum loved pebbles from beaches. I , sadly, collect too much yarn and am amssing a rather too big collection of fibroids . This means sitting still waiting for an operation and taking hormones . It's possible they'll be burnt out I just hope they don't give them to me like my gallstones ...anyone collect gallstones?


I have just joined the 12 knit sweaters on rav very late especially as I have only completed one so far this year. My house collects dust bunnies.


You can do it! Pace yourself, and don't forget to enjoy your summer!
Happy knitting-

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