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June 09, 2009



It's wonderful! Great job!


really really beautiful!
you do such nice work.


Lovely shawl, as is your mom! Nice work!

Carrie K

It's gorgeous and I'm really glad your mother loves it too. It looks great on her.


Oh it is beautiful - even a non-Noticer of Beauty would notice it I am sure but I love the phrase Noticer of Beauty - I shall carry that with me when I am looking at the little things :)


Oh Charity, such a beautiful shawl and your post is so well expressed, perfect for a "Noticer of Beauty" (which may well be my new favourite phrase).


Beyond Lovely, and it's absolutely gorgeous on her, very fetching, the colour becomes her.
'Noticer of Beauty' spellcheck may not 'like' that but I love the term!
I like and prefer the smaller shawls also, not as likely to be getting snagged on things, eh?


What a wonderful gift! You're lucky to have her, she's lucky to have you, and she's even luckier to have that scarf!

Gorgeous yarn is making me drool a little!


Spectacular Charity! What a wonderful gift from a wonderful daughter. My guess...to a wonderful Mother!


It's really beautiful, Charity!

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