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June 14, 2009


Carrie K

The princess looks quite royal in her garb! Perfect summer fabric.


crap. I cannot believe how old she looks now! tell your kids to stop it already ;)


The skirt looks beautiful. I am glad you have some nice weather, it has been freezing here in Melbourne the past week so I am hoping since the sun is out this morning it may be better.


She looks like a true woodland faerie princess in the photos :^)
(oh dear, she's getting to be such a big girl.. growing up, sigh)


Well done - she is growing into such a beautiful little girl!


It looks lovely!

angie Cox

Oh happy days ..was I a tom-boy ? I was always a Native -American or a member of the Royalist Army ( wearing Mum's lace anti-macassers ). This is rather odd for a future Quaker but they had better clothes !! I don't think I was ever a Princess but I was often Heidi !!


Oh it's so pretty and so is she.

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