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July 01, 2009



A well deserved present for Stuart. Love the jeep and I think he should be allowed to drive it since he works so hard, lol!


Happy Canada Day!
what an awesome and thoughtful gift. I bet he is thrilled! good going!

Carrie K

I'm sure he won't so much as look at it until his birthday. Sweet gift! In more ways than one.

That's also the best thing a Mom can say about her kids. Blessed.


Oh what a lovely thing to do - great idea Charity and glad you had fun going to get it


Very nice! That is what my Hubs wants. In two years the lease is up on our Ram, and it's going back. He'll get his Jeep, and I'll get a vehicle of my choice. (Mine will be an Uplander or something family oriented with an area for the dogs to go, too.)


I hope he has a very happy birthday and really enjoys his jeep. I stayed home when my kids were little and I am very glad I did but, it is hard when everyone else seems to be a working mum.


The expression on his face just says it all,eh?
Personally? I think Stuart has his priorities just right, he is absolutely a 'stand up' kind of Man. He is obviously fully aware of how blessed he is with his wife, children, life.

Wanda in AR

Enjoy the Jeep. We have one and we love it.


Wow! That's such a great story too! That is such a crazy drive from PG! A friend of mine is doing that this week, going home to visit her parents and she hates the long drive, so I'm surprised the kids all survived! :)

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