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July 08, 2009



I think we all feel that way...or at least, I know I do. I bet you end up with a gorgeous pair of socks. :-)

Carrie K

By coming over to your house?


Great Minds ;) I was thinking about baking banana bread today too!

You are so right about self care. So hard to do but even more important with a house of wee ones.


Oh, how's that book? I use the Figure 8 cast on for toe up and I love it.


Hurrah for using the good stuff - and for learning the magic cast on - and I'm always taking care of myself with knitting :o)


good for you! love the yarn and needles and I *know* the socks will be superb


You should definitely use the good stuff - you're worth it!

Banana bread - just the mention of it and I can smell it. Yummmm.


Beautiful yarn, gorgeous needles you really can't go wrong! I can't wait to see the socks.


I'm taking care of myself by eating Dorito's :-) I'm punishing myself by starting a lace wrap - I've actually broken a sweat already!


Sounds perfect!


Cruising the blogosphere this morning and found everyone is knitting from the toe up. Must try it!

Judy G.

I would love to put some banana bread in the oven, but the stove is on the deck under a tarp. On the plus side, I have a gorgeous new hardwood floor that only needs one more coat of finish, and then we can move back into the main floor.

I helped to take care of someone else today- giving stuff away on Kijiji to someone rebuilding after a fire. Then, we're going to have barbequed hotdogs for supper. I may even have a beer. Yay.

angie Cox

Oh what a lovely colour sock yarn Charity.


I do that, too, Charity! I still have 2 pairs of beautiful rosewood knitting needles Steve gave me LAST Christmas that I still have not used. Too pretty!

Thanks for your kind words regarding the Ribby Cardi. It's a fun knit!

Anne Margaret

I really am sure now that we are long lost twins separated by a continent. Have sock yarn on hand and need a good kick in the pants to get started? Check! LOVE birthday planning for littles and face paint? Check, check! Seems that EVERY project we undergo around here turns out like your bathroom? Check, check, check. Just bought composition books for the littles to make cool Christmas gifts for friends? Check, check, check, AND check!! Yikes! Love to see what I really should be doing...

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