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August 22, 2009



What a cute photo - sounds like a great use of the workforce :)


I love the new fall sweater very cute! Button organisation is very theraputic. I just moved mine from one scruffy coffee jar into a pretty candle jar and I put all of my tape measures in another. I get a thrill everytime I walk past them.


Liam looks so grown up- all that blond hair! wow!


Now I'm wanting some bitty jars for my buttons :^)
I'm with Colleen, Liam in that photo! He's growing up so fast (!!!!) and his beautiful blonde hair, platinum blonde! He looks dashing in his new sweater, makes his eyes look blue-ish :^)
(he's beautiful but then I've thought that alllll along) XOX


Awww, what a great picture of Liam. I have to agree with Colleen and Marianne, he's growing up so fast! What gorgeous hair he has. He's a handsome little guy.


What a cutie pie! Now I want to go home and play with my buttons! :-)

Carrie K

Sorting buttons, sounds like a fabulous pasttime! For all but Liam. ;)

That cable hoodie is adorable. And all for you.


How fun, and they look so pretty!

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