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August 11, 2009



It amazed me how slow 2mm socks were compared to 2.5mm - I normally end up as 2.25 these days - perfect compromise for me!

Judy G.

Did you say you've had amazing summer weather? You must be the only person in western Canada (or all of North America for that matter) to have decent weather. Please send some east when you get a moment!

Winter knitting: hmmm. A few little ornaments to gift to some old friends, and some lace. I think this might be the winter of lace. A jacket, definitely a few shawls, and maybe a large project like an afghan or blanket. I may start up sock production again, since the stash is well stocked in that department. I'm like you, though. I'm already thinking about fall.


I have so many knitting plans and so little time. I really would love to knit a cardi for myself, but we'll see.

Carrie K

I always have big winter plans. Summer is too hot. :0

Sounds like you've been busy!

Wanda J

What a cute Baby Sophisticate! Liam will look handsome in that jacket.

I grumble at having to occasionally use 2.25mm needles, going any smaller would take fortitude. :-) The way the socks are striping up will make it well worth all the extra stitches and eye-strain. Perfect for clogs.


oh Liam will look so great in that jacket, I can't wait to see it done!
I'm looking to the cooler weather- with less humidity! The humidity is killing me this year, even with the cooler than usual summer. Plus school starts soon so I will finally have some time to myself to get stuff done- hopefully


It must be fun to knit baby items. Less yarn, less time, but still a great finished knit! Can't wait to see it.


Those are great looking socks and I really love Liam's sweater in progress, what a great colour!
ahhh, I always welcome Jan.Feb.and March!


All I can say is lucky Liam. It does look like a comfy yarn this Comfy Bulky. Maybe some of your good thoughts on knitting Fall ideas will rub off on me.LOL I haven't felt like knitting lately. So nice to see these great knits in progress!


Love your moose photo! Our cool rainy summer has turned HOT. Which is good, not for knitting, but for preparing psychologically for the long cold winter ahead (which will be good for knitting).

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