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August 26, 2009



Oh I love that book - is that the French Yoghurt Cake in the first picture? A firm favourite in our house. I'm glad to hear you found it inspiring too, it really is wonderful. I'm going to Seattle in the autumn so I'm hoping to fit in a trip to Delancey, v exciting!


YES! That book is on my wish list :^) I've been reading her blog for quite awhile, and if I'm not mistaken, she's from Oklahoma, a very funny lady too. Is that the FY cake? I've baked it several times, it's GOOD!
I love your apron too ;^)


Very nice!

Carrie K

Looks delicious! I didn't learn how to cook for eons myself. I just a week or two ago learned how to fry an egg. Whoo!


Good job! Cooking is my least favorite responsibility.


I'd say Liam likes it; look at him digging right in there to get the last bits!


*Gasp* Really? You don't cook? Funny, no one in my family cooks (mother, grandmother, aunts, sisters etc. ) but I do. Every time my dad is with us he just stares at me while I am cooking and wonders out loud "where I came from"?! Hmmm...maybe we're long lost relatives ;)

I am glad you enjoyed it, cooking that is! Is that a great book? I have been wondering about it.


Oh I am green- with envy of course - not looking at your yummy food! You don't cook - I have a deal that the man of the house will do one meal on a weekend - but his always seems to be takeaway, or something I have made and frozen that he reheats!
Great job Charity - it looks very tasty.

angie Cox

Well done Charity. Holly has taken over baking now and after 24 years of it I'm a very happy bunny.


Looks delicious! Going to have to check out that book...

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