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August 20, 2009


Judy G.

Yes!!! The popping sound is so gratifying. I usually freeze my applesauce, but I might just can it this year just to hear the pop.

I've often thought that one way to improve the experience would be to do it in an outdoor kitchen that you could just hose down afterwards. :)


I was listening to the "plink" of lids sealing this weekend, too~ such a sense of relief :-) Bad part is~ of the 8 pints I did, only 4 are left!


Oh I don't have jars like those for my preserving efforts - how do they work?


I used to make all our jam, why did I stop.. hmmm. and I agree, I loved listening to the pop!


Pops and plinks! Yes! I love that sound and wish I had more time to jam! I only jammed once this season (strawberry) and the fruit separated. :( Oh well, still tasty!


mmmmnnnn, sounds yummy!


I am so scared to can for some reason! Help! Do you have a good link or some basic instructions? It's such a shame. I really should be doing this!

Wanda J

It's funny that such a small sound, which goes unnoticed by most in the household, conveys such satisfaction. Revel in counting those pings.


I like eating homemade jam, chutney, and applesauce that someone else has made :-)


Looks yummy. Speaking of Pioneer woman - you might like this site I frequent http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/ Have a nice weekend!


I love jamming too though I haven't managed any this year. your haul looks delicious.

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