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October 22, 2009



Hi happy to help with the post card situation (it's two weeks from australia to england)


If you wanna shoot me your addy to darganknits at hotmail dot I'd be happy to oblige! PS Love the coat and boots!


Adorable coat, that's such a great find. Trying to work on decorating the girls room as it's not really been decorated before.


What a gorgeous coat! I just recently started reading your blog, your daughter is absolutely adorable.

What am I up to, knitting and working and working and working. There is way to little knitting in that sentence.


I'd be happy to send a postcard every once in a while from Ottawa. Just send me your address at lisegray at gmail dot com.

Ellen B.

Sure! I love sending postcards! Send me your snail mail address - ellblo at aol dot com

In our e-mail era, it's sad that people rarely send postcards anymore!


great coat! & boots!! and Gwen's postcards are on my list to do tomorrow


Oh how I wish we needed warm winter clothes!! I spent the day on the beach sweating in jeans and a t-shirt. I've heard great things about that series of books. They are on our list.


Love the coat and boots! My little girls are 15 and 20 and I can remember them having a coat like that - Gwen lloks adorable! We would love to send her a postcard from Barrie Ontario - send me your address to joan at bayautoparts dot ca and we will get one in the mail!


Hi Charity - send off your address and we'll get a couple of cards out to Miss Gwen asap! I'm trying to get my Miss BB closer to FO status but have had some bumps in the road. I'll tell you about it via email...

Miss Scarlett

Oh that coat is way too adorable! And so is Gwyneth.
I will totally send her some snail mail.
Just e-mail me your address and I will post somthing off.

Lorraine Close

Hi Charity. I love your blog and pictures of finished projects. You inspired me to try recipes from the Orangette site. I actually bought the book. I live in Vancouver but am going to Scotland early November and would be happy to send a postcard to Miss Gwen. I have 4 children and 1 granddaughter age 8 so this will be no bother at all. She will be added to the list. Just let me know the address to send to. Lorraine

Daisy Locke

Is a Dora postcard okay? I was born in Burns Lake. I just started reading your blog. I'm enjoying reading through your archives and watching the kids grow. ;-)

Judy G.

Email me your address and I will certainly send Gwenyth a postcard. She looks positively British in her snazzy coat and snappy boots!


Such a smartly dressed young lady certainly deserves some exciting post - drop me your address Charity and I'd be delighted to send a postcard over.

As for doing - right now I'm reading blogs while looking at the ocean, contemplating whether to knit or read a book next - bliss!


I have your address, so there might be a postcard in the next few weeks! I love Gwenyth's coat. And those handwarmers are perfect; it's funny, I just started a pair, though a different pattern. I wear them at the computer, since my hands get cold.


Great finds at the thrift store!

I have your address somewhere, but can't find it anywhere. I'll send her a little something if you email me your address.

julie k

I'll send a postcard from NE!

Sweet coat!


Helen Ohrman

I feel really guilty as I love to read all your posts & yet mostly don't post comments. You have a lovely family & I wonder at your energy to do all you do with 4 children etc. We live in Stratford-upon-Avon in UK & I would be more than happy to send your daughter some postcards from our lovely little market town. Obviously posting addresses etc is difficult over the internet, but if you can in safely way let me have your address, I will very happily send some postcards. Happy Christmas & don't work too hard, be kind to yourself!

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