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October 02, 2009



The sock colours are so pretty. Can't wait to see what it will turn out to be :)


What a great idea, how much fun the anticipation must be. I would really love to knit socks, but I haven't had the courage yet.


That bit of imperfection is looking mighty fine. I enjoyed knitting the cuff so much that I've started the second one, there's something very satisfying in being done as far as you can be for the moment at that little bit isn't there?


Looking great so far Charity! Love the colors in the yarn!

Miss Scarlett

Love your colours! It's so fun hey?
When is that 2nd clue coming?!

Love the earflap hat too - super cute.


Pretty yarn choice. I'm looking forward to finishing clue #2 today, just in case you weren't aware clue 2 is now live.


Very pretty in the Lorna's Laces! I just finished the 1st repeat of clue 2 - a wonderful pattern!


I've been thinking about starting those socks. Now I'm even more intrigued.

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