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November 16, 2009



go for it, try a zipper. I used to be scared to death of them, but I finally just went for it and found out how easy they were. If you have a zipper foot, they're a cinch.


Great links....ugh 39 days. I'll have to get busy to be done with everything in time ;) Good luck.


I'm sure you can manage a zipper (says me who never has tried it)

I need a list for Christmas for definite!


you can totally do a zipper. really. and I love the Christmas planner, gonna have a big look at that when I get home today.
I don't think I have much Christmas knitting done this year, but hopefully wll get all my shopping done early


No, no, my fingers are in my ears and I am humming, I can't hear you.

Great links one of which reminded me that I haven't popped any notes into the lunches for ages, time to remedy that.


When am I going to get to the grocery store to finish Thanksgiving shopping - when there isn't anyone else there? When the heck am I ever going to finish my Miss BB project and am I really going to run out of yarn? Will TLP make it to the end of the term without getting sick? Should I vaccinate him against H1N1? You asked Charity! :-) And of course you can put in a zipper. And then post a tutorial for the rest of us!

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