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January 10, 2010



We have the same tradition. Jammies every year, but everybody loves them. Great job, they look fantastic.


They are adorable. We do pjs here too though usually shop bought. Might have to change that for next year. I haven't made any in ages I forgot how good they look.


My husband grew up with that tradition, and we do it now. Our story is that the elves bring them while we are at Church, and even at 16, our son goes along with that story :). Great picture!


Aaaah, yes, The Christmas Jammies! Well done, Charity! Those are some fine smiling faces! I'm glad to see here and in the comments that the tradition carries on :^) xox


Goergeous Jammies, Chrity, well done, and a Happy New Year to you xxx


Nice job Charity. You're a fantastic Mom!


They look so cute... what a good mama you are :) Kristen gets new pj's every Christmas eve too but I would never think to make them!


really really cute! and I just cannot get over how big Liam has gotten!
good job on all the pj's. maybe I'll try sewing some next Christmas.


WOW. what a cute picture. Katies hair looks so nice, I like the length. Nice to see the curls back on Liam. The pjs turned out really good, great job. I really like the nighty, you should try it again sometime, the 1st time for any pattern can be annoying.


Love the tradition and that sweet, sweet picture! "Trap door" pjs are my fave for little ones! Nicely done.


That is a wealth of lovely kids you have there!


That's a cute tradition. I should do the same next Christmas. :)

The pjs turned out very nice!

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