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January 07, 2010



Beautiful tree. Hope you are able to get all caught up.



Aren't home days wonderful? I always wonder why people complain about being stuck at home!


-30! Oh my goodness! Glad you're enjoying your hometime, it's the way I'm happiest too - pottering and always trying to catch up!


Oh my gosh that is COLD! I love staying home, wish I didn't have to go back out today to take my dd to piano lesson, and I don't know why I'm complaing.... it's 32 out there, that's pretty warm for you guys ;-)


I LOVE home days and try to get as many as I can. There is always so much to do and I feel so calm, instead of the holiday panic.
good thing you got the wood pile done! do yoy use hot water bottles? our house gets very chilly at night so at hot ba is a must!

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