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January 24, 2010



It's totally understandable to have those kind of days.. I seem to have had a few (and I don't even work), I think it's the January blahs!
So do you work both jobs at home?
Hoping you all have a better week and if you need to keep thinking back to that lovely Thursday :) It's the biggest blessing you can give your family that 'Momma's always there' feeling.


Beautiful. I love it. My mom was there for me in that way and it made a huge impression on how I think about raising my kids when I'm lucky enough to have some.

I have a little something for you that I'll put in the mail this week...hopefully it will help bring some cheer!



All in good time.
There will come a time when you'll easily have 'those' hours for crafting, but for now (and several more years) your children need you more. and having cranky times is just human :^)
Katie is getting to be that age, hormonal changes starting in and it's a rough time. Those extra hugs, quiet times, snuggling in with cups of tea and talking, it goes a long ways for the best.
Charity, you're such a wonderful mum!


We all have challenges and it's natural to feel the strain of those sometimes isn't it? I too though always try and say thank you for it all - we're so lucky in a million different ways


We all have those kind of days. It won't be long till the sun comes out again. Roll on spring:)


Keep pushing it back girl. They can sneak in - I fall into the negatives myself. As long as we recognize it we're ahead of so many. You're an excellent Mom Charity and an inspiration to so many of us!


p.s. i finally managed to get that "little something" i mentioned into the mail this morning...but it's still technically "this week" so it counts! :o) sounds like you've had a better rest-of-the-week since, good to hear. love you!

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