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February 23, 2010



Oh I love chai tea!! I haven;t ever made it though. Would you share the recipe?


I love the concentrate! (plus ginger and black pepper, we like it spicy) so so yummie
and ouch on the knitting.

Judy G.

Ack! Liam! What were you thinking? Good thing your mother is so clever and will be able to fix the knitting. In the meantime, go fix her a cup of tea. She needs it. Then off to your room for time out.


the knitting - oops :)
Something wrong with my bloglines, just picked up your feeds. By the way, those crayons are cool!


Oh my goodness. That always seemed to happen to my knitting!!
Until....... Now they know you must never touch mummy's knitting unless the house is on fire and your tryin to save it!


Ooh yes good thing Mama had her chai :)

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