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February 18, 2010



Great goodie bag idea! Love it. I have been collecting the kids bits of crayons for awhile now to make those too.


They are absolutely brilliant!

Judy G.

Great idea! We used to melt little bits of crayons into small pill bottles in the oven, and poke holes in the top for a cord. Stylish necklace, with no chance for disaster or fire. (We of course were undertaking this without any hint of adult supervision.)


I've seen these at school, but your shapes are better!
I'm saving ours now till we have enough to play with ;)


You are awesome Charity! Such fun. Will I be able to remember these things when my grandchildren arrive?


Beautiful and the arrows are every kind of wonderful


I love this idea! Samm just bought some new crayons for Clover (she likes to break hers) so I told her about this. I've started my broken crayon collection and look forward to doing this when I have enough. Thanks for the idea!

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