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February 02, 2010



the slippers looks like some moccasins I used to have that were so nice and comfy- I miss them.
I'll have to look for the Shakespeare in our library- we "met" Old Wil at the Renaissance faire and the boy recognizes him ;)


isn't autumn such a fun knit? i can't stop either ;)


Very funny! Being as old as I am ABBA has been in my life forever. Glad to hear you've discovered the fun. But man...that Pierce Brosnan cannot sing! :-)


Autumn is so cute! You just added something to my queue. :)


You'd never really heard Abba? That's funny - glad you've found them now :o) Autumn in winter - will have to check that out.


The blue slippers make your feet look happy!

Judy G.

I agree with Patty that Pierce Brosnan cannot sing, but it is so touching that he tries so hard. I'm happy for you that you have found ABBA, but find myself wondering where you've been that you avoided them all these years?

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