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April 23, 2010



Great post, so good to look for the positive. As for nits, arrggh, we've been infested this week too! I had to drag the comb through my hair this morning, I didn't have any but it doesn't stop me itching all day long and Tilly had soooo many, so, so many, I'm so cross, it's been years since we had an attack and I thought perhaps we were past that stage but she must have had them for a week or two because there were so very many, eeeugh. You are not alone my friend.


Luckily I have boys with short hair, so they've not had any, at least not yet. It goes in cycles in the schools here, too. Seems to be the same handful of kids who pass it on to the others, unfortunately. When I was a kid I never had them, but whenever a notice would come home from school that someone had lice my mother would put me through the routine as if I had them, just to be safe. I remember the principal coming around with toothpicks, checking heads.


Hang in there, Charity! My daughter got lice too when she was small.


My garden blessings are well shared as usual - the reality is that I don't have as much time or energy to spend out there as I would like but every little moment is precious and enjoyed


Oh my goodness...tough week for sure! You say you're heading east...like New England east? Here's to getting through the work week Charity!


What a great way to turn your reality into a blessing! I'd have had trouble with finding anything good to say about head lice, though.

Mine is a recurrent reality/blessing, and it involves "getting" to go to work instead of "having" to go to work. A lot of people on the planet would kill for a job that pays as well as mine does, and I remind myself regularly that I don't have to live in a box under the bridge. ;-)

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