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April 30, 2010



I'm glad you are all feeling better now! And I do agree...it's better to get sick one at a time...it's not as overwhelming! We live in a small town, too, and I can only find ranunculous every once in a while. I was just thinking that I needed to plant some!

Happy Friday! Thanks so much for playing along!


So glad the family is back to health. Being sick is no fun at all! We, too, live in a small town on an island. I needed buttons for a project and found that there were none to be had without a trip to the mainland. Buttons, for crying out loud! However, it's been a great place to bring up kids and everyone really does look out for each other. Gotta look at the blessings!


What a great post. I live in a small town too, but near a fairly large city, so I can't complain about not being able to get stuff...except for clean air, some days, ha, ha; but your point about being positive is very well taken.

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