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May 13, 2010



So. Sweet! I love it! tell her no more birthdays, she has maximized cuteness at 4 and must stay there ;)


aww, she's so sweet in her new sweater. It's great isn't it when our mods work out so easily? :)


The sweater is perfect!

It should be illegal for a little girl to be that cute.


She is just adorable! (as is the sweater of course!)


That is very cute, as is your daughter!


Oh how lovely - and at least it's big enough that she'll come round to the fact that isn't pink :)


What a sweetie! And love the cardi - well done! I'm terrible at knitting sweaters etc. for my family (and me) -- they never seem to fit right ;-(. I've got one in the works at the moment and crossing fingers that it will fit my little granddaughter when it's done. Knit & learn I guess ;-).

Carrie K

She looks pretty pleased with it! Such a cutie pie.

julie k

I love this sweater pattern. A friend made one for my daughter when she was born and I was so sad when she outgrew it. Maybe I should put this in my ravelry queue! You did a very nice job.

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