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June 24, 2010



Oh bless him - love the shirts and I want to come camping with you guys just for the marshmallows


LOL - I notice his older brother's smile got bigger and bigger the grumpier Liam got :-) There is never any doubt about how a 2-year old is feeling, is there? ;^) That's why I love them!
Great shirts, btw.


I had to smile at his disgruntled little face. So cute! And the shirts too. I wish I could call a project like this "simple"! Maybe some day...


Hahahahah, I'm with Julie and noticing Brian's smile getting bigger and bigger as Liam's grumpy progressed. Ahhh, 2 yr olds, they ARE fun :^D
they're just trying to get a bit of control over their lives, and as a parent you know it's all about choosing your battles. and you do that very well I might add :^)


ooohhhh love the shirt!
and LOVE the grumpy face ;)


Great shirts! The pictures are great...even if they are of a grumpy 2 year old. A story without words :-)

Emily Cross

Very cute shirts! I have 2 uninterested boys that literally run from the camera.


Love the shirts! He's a cutie isn't he? Ah...life with a toddler. Brian looks great!

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