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August 12, 2010



WOWZERS, that's a lotta stuff! I'm tired just reading it ;)
sounds like you had an awesome time and I can't wait for more details


It sounds like an incredible family vacation with many wonderful happy memories. Next time you're anywhre in Southern Alberta please let me know! I'd be more than happy to indulge in a road trip just for the pleasure of a visit!


I love Drumheller! We drove from the south shore of Nova Scotia to Fort McMurray, AB, and back, looping down to Calgary to my BFs for a week in August 2007. The boys were 4 and 7 at the time. Going out wasn't so bad, but coming home... That was another story!


What a busy sounding trip and how lovely that you managed a bit of a family reunion.


Wow! So much going on with you. I guess this will be a summer to remember for quite a while :)


So lucky are we huh Charity? Glad the trip was so spectacular. And you look pretty smashing on that lawn mower!

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