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September 30, 2010



Love those carrots! baby potatoes too? yummie


Only four classes left - you can do this!!!

We bought some of those heirloom carrot seeds but the cold wet June caused them to molder in the ground and we never got around to replanting in July. They look delicious.

Ed's such a stickler for getting in the winter wood supply in the heat of summer. He likes to get the wood in the storage shed he built where the heat of the sun drives the temperature up into the low 100F so the wood will be well dried. I keep hearing it's going to be a hard winter in the Pacific Northwest this year.


Well I should be cutting back and tidying the garden but it's a little grey out there so I'm sitting here with my cup of tea catching up with your corner of the blogosphere. So how come we didn't get to see a picture of you dressed up for your first day back at school? Seriously though - well done you for studying on top of everything else - you are a very impressive lady you know? Hope your medical stuff is all sorted and how lovely that you found the comfort of knitting when far from home, it's magical stuff isn't it?


Charity - you go girl! All the best to you with your classes. Such an accomplishment. Since Daniel has left (Wyoming for the fall semester!) we've needed to find an alternative to cross-country meets all fall. We've been taking drives, traveling a little and looking at gas inserts. We want the fire but are beyond the heavy lifting stage!

Betsy Payne

At one of our favorite antique/ second-hand stores I found a Knitomat Deluxe 160 knitting machine, complete with instruction manual and most accessories for $35, so of course I bought it. But I'm unsure how to get going with it. Ribbing looks a bit problematic on this one- drop the stitches and pick them up backwards- so I thought perhaps I would hand-knit the ribbing and do the increases then put it on the machine and do the stockinette. Is that feasible?
I am curious how it has gone with your knitting machine. Thanks

Carrie K

Those carrots are super cool.

Never too old! Maybe out of practice but it's both good for you mentally and work-wise.

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