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November 12, 2010



Oh I don't look forward to the teenage years....I wish I had some good suggestion but I don't. I just wanted to wish you luck with your handmade Christmas adn I can't wait to see how it all turns out :)


A handmade Christmas sounds lovely. I have a 17 year old and it's still tough :) I'm thinking of making handknit bows to sew onto a hairclip or barrette for her. She's into bow hair accessories at the moment. But hairbows may not appeal to a 13 year old :)
The messenger bag sounds cool though :) Have fun!


Ha! I started that sweater for my hubby years ago. Maybe I should dig it out and see if its worth continuing. I'm wondering if it was too small. Have fun avoiding studying!!!


oh those fish are awesome. i made those when i was a child!! i forgot all about them, i'll have to make some for isaac. so cute!


Oh that looks and sounds much more fun than studying :) Wonderful plans


What a wonderful plan! As far as the 13 year old goes (hug to the Mom)I think the messenger bag is a great idea! Also what about a quilt or handmade wall hanging for her room?


Oh yay I haven't missed any posts from you :) I hope your studying went well despite your procrastination and some of these plans are coming to fruition.

olivia john

sounds so lovely ^_^
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