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January 21, 2011



Hello my friend! It is certainly art! (IMHO!) I think that anything that brings joy to us - that has been created - is a work of art. Heck, our kids are a work of art wouldn't you say! Enjoy the beauty of it, touch it, bring it in the car with you if you want! :-)


I have yarn that I will never knit- gift yarn, handspun, mill spun- all have memories or just make me happy. I don't care if its called 'art" if it makes me happy to look at, well then that's just fine by me ;)


In my view there's art in the work of the creation and there's art in the appreciation of it - whether you ever knit it or not. Enjoy it however you like :)

Carrie K

It can't be functional to be art? That's ridiculous. Keep it in a bowl and admire it but that yarn is a work of artistic creation even if you eventually knit it up into a dust rag.

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